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More about the IFS process

The IFS approach is a non-pathologising one: it suggests that unhelpful and extreme beliefs and solutions held by various parts of our psyche came into being as ways of dealing with dysfunctional systems and/or traumatic events, and that they were taken on with the best of intentions as ways of dealing with them. The intent of IFS is to gently and effectively remove those layers of ‘disguise’ that obscure your naturally available core, your Self.

In an IFS session you will be guided towards Self-leadership, addressing the extreme beliefs that the parts of you stuck historically in the past had to use at the time. You will become connected in a healthy, enriching way to parts of you that you have rejected, criticised, exiled and feared, and you will become the wise leader of your life in a more energised, confident way of being. In the process, the healing steps of IFS promise that traumatised parts of you can be released from the burdens they carry and can become active companions with you in your psyche, releasing their previously bound-up energy and helping to foster and further qualities in your personality that you would like to express more.

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